Welcome to the RawSynergy Blog

Let me start by saying, I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or licensed therapist. I’m just a person who’s overcome many different ailments through raw food, lifestyle changes and spirituality. I’m excited about sharing my experiences, especially of the low fat, raw vegan diet, to help inspire others who wish to jump on board and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

When I first made the switch to raw food, I was so concerned about the safety of this diet and unsure of how I would remain committed to a diet of living foods when no one else around me was following this path. Based on the traditional food pyramid model, I was raised to believe I had to eat animal products in order to be healthy. I never dreamed I could survive on fruits and vegetables alone. Fast forward to this moment, after much research and experience, my health is better than ever and my life has changed dramatically in such a positive way, I can’t help but want others to feel and experience the same results.

It doesn’t take much to get on track. Like anything, it starts with the first step. If you have the desire to make a change, moving in the right direction is a whole lot easier. If you begin by incorporating more raw, living foods into your diet, you’re sure to experience positive results. Drop out the white flour, processed foods and sugar and you’ll see even more dramatic changes. Replace soda, coffee and tea with lots of pure, filtered water and watch your energy soar and your mind become clearer. Swap your cooked breakfast with a large meal of fresh, sweet, delicious fruit and experience an ease in digestion, a happier mood and a steady stream of energy throughout your morning. At your own pace, follow the same philosophy for lunch and dinner, including a large green salad with your evening meal.

This is real food! Unprocessed, uncomplicated, life giving, nutritionally rich food. Everything your body needs to thrive. So, just take that first step towards a better you by consuming more raw, living foods and experience the benefits. Perfect health is our birthright not something only a rare few are blessed with.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the RawSynergy Blog

  1. So appreciate your videos, blog and website. You do an amazing job and are so giving of yourself and your knowledge. Just bought the zapper and am going to give it a try. Have suffered from indigestion, bloating, etc. for some time. Also just switched to low-fat, raw vegan eating..so hopefully things will start to look UP! Thanks again for all you do….Blessings.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful message, Nora! I really hope the zapper works as well for you as it did for me, and my family. Please keep me posted on your experience and let me know if you have any questions. Wishing you vibrant health and much happiness! Hope to hear about your success soon! XO

  2. Sorry I think you are talking about processed foods, not cooked foods, I cook almost everything and don’t’ contains those additives or toxins. I think if you take a good herbal tea, sometimes that help you the hot-food withdraw, maybe?

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