Planting Seeds For Change

If you are hoping to lose weight, rebuild your health, regain your eyesight, learn a new skill, create a successful business, or achieve any large or small dream, the only way to do it is one step at a time, one day at a time, keeping your eye on the desired outcome.

It’s like creating a garden.

Planting seeds, nurturing the soil and waiting for the seeds to grow requires patience, perseverance and trust. But, the benefits are worth every ounce of effort. When you see it through to completion, you receive the greatest sense of accomplishment and many worthwhile rewards for your efforts.

Pansy from garden IG

Don’t get caught up in our microwave society. Great things don’t always come to you in 30 minutes or less. Very rarely is there a magic pill. Be willing to wait for the beautiful blooms, the fruits of your labor will be seen soon enough.

I planted flower seeds 4 months ago. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I woke to find this beautiful bloom looking back at me from my little container garden.

What do you want to create today so you can begin reaping an abundance of rewards before summer arrives?

So much can happen! Allow yourself a moment to dream. Then, take the first step.