My name is Alicia and I’ve been following a raw food diet since March of 2009. I spent the majority of my life suffering with digestive maladies, acne and many other health issues, trying every possible solution under the sun to no avail. When I discovered raw food, it changed my health dramatically and increased the quality of my life beyond words. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I am, and always have been, passionate about health, wellness and spirituality. I hope to influence others to increase the quality of their life, health and well being by sharing my story and knowledge.


The Benefits I’ve Received Are:

Improved, Strong Digestion

No more Migraines

No more Chronic Headaches

PMS vanished

Menstrual Cycles are a Breeze

Clear Skin

More Energy

Stronger Endurance

I’m Happier

Improved Vocal Ability

Stronger Immune System

No more Cold & Flu illness

Nail Fungus Gone

Hair & Skin Quality Improved

No More Dental Plaque

Spend LESS Money

Improved Relationships


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  1. Hi! 🙂 I am a 17 year old who suffers from the same skin issues like yours in you video that you explained. I have been trying to go fully raw but it is very hard for me, because I feel like I am addicted to cooked carbs like rice and potatoes. There are a lot of vegans out there supporting the rawtil 4 diet, but when I try it I feel like my insides are getting more damaged!

    I guess what I am asking is any tips on staying fully raw as well as how much exercise I should be getting and sunshine to help my skin. Thanks for your time!


    • Hi Naomi!

      I think it’s amazing that you’re so aware of how your body feels based on how you eat, at such a young age! And, that you’re really making the effort to eat healthier. Good for you!

      Cooked food can be super addicting but even more so, the salt that usually goes on it to make it taste good is even more addicting. I can definitely relate to the feeling you’re talking about because it was the same for me when I was eating cooked foods. It was very uncomfortable and frustrating.

      Something that really helped me was recognizing that when I chose those specific foods that affected me negatively that I was also, in a sense, choosing to feel bad. So I stopped choosing to feel bad by choosing foods that made me feel good instead. It stopped being about taste and started looking like this to me: Grains = Bloated belly & Constipation • Potatoes = Sharp bowel pains & Constipation • Steamed broccoli = Sore throat for the rest of the day etc. Properly combined fruit meals = happy belly & smooth digestion • Properly combined salads & raw veggie meals = happy belly & smooth digestion. It became much easier to choose the foods that loved my body and treated it well vs. the ones that tortured it. Eventually you just get tired of feeling bad and make better choices.

      It really helps to eat enough carbs throughout the day so that when dinnertime comes around, I am completely satisfied with having a tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and a huge salad, or a low fat raw version of my favorite cooked food. If you’re low on carbs, you’re almost guaranteed to have cooked food cravings.

      I am really big on making low fat raw vegan versions of my all-time favorite cooked foods, since you can create just about anything with raw food. I’ll make mini raw pizzas, zucchini pasta with marinara, raw tacos & burritos, “chips” & salsa. It really helps to get your mind off the cooked food knowing you can make a healthier, tasty raw version.

      It also helps to know that the sooner you stop eating the foods that are affecting your gut, the sooner your gut can heal, and the sooner your skin can heal…since the health of your gut strongly affects the health of your skin.

      Exercise everyday if possible doing something you enjoy, since you’ll likely only keep it up if it’s fun for you. I really enjoy walking, hiking, rebounding and yoga.

      It’s also important to get sunshine on your skin everyday, if possible, for at least 20 minutes.

      Remember to breathe and use your breath when you feel stressed. Breathing is so powerful and most of us take it for granted but it can also really help your body in so many ways. Take some time out every once in a while to take in nice long, slow deep breaths and smile.

      Keep me posted on your success…please. :0) I would love to hear how things work out for you, okay?

      Wishing you vibrant health, and glowing, clear, beautiful skin!


  2. Alicia:

    Thank you so much for your reply! 🙂 I will definitely use the tips you gave me and keep you posted.

    Thanks so much!


  3. I am new to this site and am loving it! Can you please share what foods you were allergic too? I am battling skin issues as well. Do you eat all fruits or only in combination with other fruits? How do you get over the hump of craving meats?

    • Thank you, Melissa!

      I was allergic/sensitive to all acid fruits, some sub-acid fruits and most greens, including fresh herbs.

      The majority of my meals are properly combined for best digestion. I typically have only one or two types of fruit for my breakfast and lunch meals. For example, breakfast is usually orange juice blended with one or two fruits like mango or mango + pineapple, or, orange + melon. Today, breakfast was a big bowl of green and red grapes. For lunch, I usually have a big meal of bananas in the form of ice cream, a smoothie or just by themselves. Occasionally I’ll have figs or persimmon, it just depends on the season. For dinner, I usually have a big glass of orange juice followed by a large green salad with a fruit dressing. Sometimes I’ll create a more elaborate raw food meal based on an old favorite cooked meal.

      The main reason we might enjoy any meats in the first place, is the sauce, herbs, spices and salt they’re prepared with. If you just had the meat plain, it wouldn’t taste very good. So, when transitioning to a raw food diet, it helps to make recipes that mimic the flavors of your favorite cooked food. For example, on my youtube channel, I have a recipe for veggie “meatloaf” that uses the same types of herbs and sauces used in traditional meatloaf but it’s made with vegetables instead. There are tons of raw food recipe books available on the web, and I would definitely look for the ones that are low fat or made without a lot of nuts, to help you lose the desire for animal products and truly appreciate how amazing you can feel on a plant based diet.

      Really happy you connected and I look forward to hearing more about your journey to a healthier life!

      Warmest wishes,


  4. So very thankful that you replied! I have been watching some of your you tube videos and learning soooo much! I fasted on green juice with my sin last last week. He is 11 and has ulcerative colitis. He was having a procedure and needed to do a ” clean out” and so for two days I didn’t eat only drank green juice and to my surprise felt ammmaazzingg! So after my sons procedure I pretty much went back to normal eating..which for the most part was little fruit( due to the misconception that is why I’m not losing weight) lots of veggies but mainly cooked and meat with lunchand dinner. And needless to say I felt awful! So just yesterday I am making great strides to eat raw and claim health back for me and my family. ( husband and 3 sons) I want to look and feel beautiful. I feel beautiful inside and just want that to radiate in my outward appearance. I have 35 pounds to lose and am praying thru this lifestyle I drop the pounds that have been holding in for so long despite running 3 times a week. I’m looking to de-stress and have radiant clear bump free skin! And yes you r so right plain meet without seasoning actually has an awful odor. Thank for being so inspiring, real and of course RAW.

    • Apologies for spelling error :sin meant son meet obviously meat! Lol and by
      feeling amazing after 2 days i meant lighter inside but did feel cold and tired and grouchy lol

      • It’s my pleasure, Melissa!

        So happy to hear you’re motivated to make positive changes for you and your family. That’s wonderful! Congratulations on taking back your health!!!

        I am confident you can reach all of your goals, in time, following this lifestyle. There are so many benefits to be experienced. Keep holding those beautiful visions of your healthy, glowing skin and your ideal figure with excitement and joy, knowing without a doubt it will happen, and before you know it, it will manifest right before your eyes. Be excited about it, but don’t pressure yourself with a timeline. It will happen at exactly the right time. Appreciate where you’re at now because without these issues you’re experiencing, you wouldn’t have found this amazing lifestyle.

        Sending many healing wishes to you and your son! May your entire family radiate with vibrant health.

        Big hugs,


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